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The Golfinity Experience






Golfers struggle to improve their game because they lack a concept. They aren’t sure what to think about, so they try to piece together a series of swing thoughts that change from shot to shot. They’re versed on the things they shouldn’t do, but never establish a clear method for what they should do. And though the golf club is responsible for propelling the ball, the majority of golfers never learn the movements of the club necessary to send their ball towards the target. Golfinity uses an approach that empowers each player to understand their golf swing and have the confidence to know that when they do it, it always works. It’s a teaching method passed down from PGA and World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame member Manuel de la Torre. It’s an approach that makes learning golf a fun, exciting journey and not a complicated, unmanageable task.


Our facility has a vast inventory of the most advanced golf technology in the world. Play with the same technology the top professionals use and watch your skillset soar. Our 20 state-of-the-art simulator bays house everything from TrackMan launch monitors to GEARS 3D Motion Capture video software. TrackMan simulators are equipped with patented multi-sensor technology, an in-built camera, and ultra-sensitive radars, tracking your ball with supreme accuracy and giving you a complete overview of each one of your swings. Foresight technology uses state-of-the-art object recognition and imaging technology to capture your club's face angle, speed, and path. When you're done swinging, experience our Virtual Green with Puttview Technology. Adjust the physical topography of the green to practice every type of putt you'll see on a course, and project the exact line the ball needs to travel to go in the hole. Having the best technology in the industry at the tip of your fingers, you'll be training like a professional.


Golf doesn't always have to be quiet. In fact, it can be a party. Bring a co-worker, friend, family member, or all three to Golfinity for your next outting. Our simulators feature a variety of practice and on-course settings that make them the life of the party! Play on a world-famous golf course, have a contest, or set up a driving range challenge. Our space is a fantastic venue, equipped to accommodate a variety of group sizes.


For all ages and skill levels, we offer group classes for members and non-members in our performance theater. Combining lighting, music, and technology with a fun atmosphere, these classes are the perfect way to meet other golf-minded individuals and boost your game. With the occasional celebrity instructor and a wide variety of programming, from gamified Junior SDX training for kids to family classes for parents and children to engage together in lessons, we guarantee you'll find the perfect group class for your needs.

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Inspiring Through Instruction

Learn life lessons through golf!

If the only legacy we leave behind at Golfinity is that we helped improve your golf swing, we will have failed. Our mission is to improve people’s lives as a whole, using golf as a vehicle to unlock the potential–on and off the green–of each individual who sets foot into our facility.

  • You will try and sometimes you will fail, but you will always learn and continue to grow.
  • We see it time and time again, dedication and personal development of your abilities as a golfer boost confidence in other aspects of your life as well.
  • We’re a team at Golfinity–when you succeed, so do we.

SDX Instruction

Gamify your training.

Through Golfinity’s Skill Development Experience (SDX) app, golfers can earn points for each achievement they complete, driving engagement in their training with an entertaining spin similar to a video game. Outside of our facility, players earn additional points by visiting strategic partners, including local golf courses, incentivizing them to continue practicing outside of their lessons with us.

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