Winter Camp Dec. 20-23


Winter Camp, December 20th-23rd (Holiday Break)

Ages: 5-12 years old
Time: 9am-12pm
Price: $275
Includes: Snacks and Gatorade are provided daily. (Please provide details on special requests/food allergies on the check-out screen.)

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About: Golfinity Winter Camp is a terrific way for kids to receive in-depth training in golf swing fundamentals, rules and etiquette, as well as participate in fun contests and games. Golfinity provides all of the equipment during camps, students are only required to show up and have fun!

Layout of Camp: We begin each day reviewing the rules and fundamentals of golf, move to a skill-building exercise where the students learn a new golf skill, and end with a “Coach’s Challenge” and a fun game! We follow the model of instruction, “I do, you do, we do.”

Ages: 5-12 years old


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