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GEARS: Understanding Your Swing On a Whole New Level

GEARS 3D offers the best technology available to advance your swing.

GEARS is a 3D motion capture tracking system that helps coaches and players understand and develop their golf swing like never before. With GEARS, you can compare your swing to the pros in every aspect. A player can see how the club and body are moving through advanced optical motion tracking. Once a player gets in the GEARS full-body motion-capturing bodysuit, it feels like you’re suiting up for your own video game character or action movie. However, unlike simply tracking your movement like the big screen, with help from an instructor you can understand and visualize your golf swing from every angle. From a GEARS session, players can expect to learn what’s working and not working with their swing in full 3D (think of it as an x-ray for your swing, and your coach is the doctor). 

How Does It Work?

GEARS advanced technology uses eight cameras at 360 frames per second to capture full-body data with the 26 markers that are placed on the player and six markers placed on the club. 

Data Points that are captured include:

  • Grip Roll
  • Shoulder Rotation
  • Shaft Droop
  • Hip Rotation
  • Kinematic Sequence

Once fitted with sensors, all a player needs to do is swing the club. With GEARS unmatched dimension of analytics, a player and coach will develop a practice plan and pick elements of a swing to improve on.

Where is GEARS available?

GEARS is available at Golfinity. Book a session through your coach or on the app. 

Written by Golfinity Instructor, Cody Van Damme, PGA

Golfinity Member wearing GEARS sensors

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