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Bonding Through Golf: Connecting with Family on and off the Fairway

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Bonding through golf offers so many opportunities for connection, growth, emotional development, and FUN for each player individually, as well as the family unit. I have witnessed the joy and familial camaraderie increase as family members join the game together whether through golf practice, golf lessons, or on the course. They can cheer for and empathize with one another as they meet each challenge on their golf journey, and create lasting memories. Through my experience as a golf instructor, I have found some simple and effective tips for families to bond through golf while playing and practicing together, on and off the golf course.

Bonding Through Golf: 5 Tips For Playing Golf With Your Family

1. Parents, let your kids have fun. When kids have fun, they learn more. You don’t want to be their coach AND their parent.

2. Allow for exploration. All great players learn the game through trial and error. 

3. It’s okay to be wacky! Golf doesn’t need to fit in a box. Bring your whole self to the game. 

4. Set everyone up for success. There’s no reason that beginner players need to play the game from long distances. On the golf course, start beginners closer to the hole. On a simulator, choose your custom yardage. Give each new player a real chance to make birdies! 

5. Talk about the hardships and the success. The game of golf is designed to challenge you, mentally, physically, and emotionally, and it rewards the player who can overcome these obstacles.

Written by Golfinity Senior Instructor, Nicholas Trice, PGA

A Player’s Perspective

Akshara Reddy, age 10, and her older sister have been students of Coach Nicholas for two years. Akshara had very little knowledge of golf when she started playing, and now she is preparing to play in golf tournaments. But it’s not just about her game, Akshara looks forward to the hour-a-week golf lesson where she and her sister can spend time together without iPads or homework, and truly bond through golf.

My favorite thing about learning with Coach Nicholas is he makes things really easy to understand, he’s never made golf confusing. I also love how he lets my sister and me play together on the golf simulators. We play golf courses together and she is better than me, but that makes me better. We like to compete. My sister is on the golf team and someday I want to be on the golf team, too.”

Akshara Reddy, Golfinity Youth Member, Age 10

Nicholas Trice with students at a golf simulator.

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