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Golf Swing 101: You Need to Know the Swing Before You Make a Swing

Defining a Swing: Your First Step to a Better Golf Swing

To a golfer, there is nothing more important to the game than perfecting the golf swing. We watch videos, read articles, and spend countless practice hours trying to make use of all the advice. There is a lot of information and tips out there, but to master the swing, you first have to understand WHAT the swing is. To help us define what a swing is and how it can improve our game, we asked Golfinity’s founder and CEO, Aaron Bergman, PGA, to give us a better idea of what puts the “swing” in “golf swing”. 

Golf Tips and Instruction written by Golfinity Founder and CEO, Aaron Bergman, PGA:

Learn to Identify What Defines a Swing

When you see an object swinging, what is it about that motion that lets you identify it is indeed swinging?  When you watch a professional golfer swing a golf club, what is it about their movement that stands out from a less skilled player? A swing has defining characteristics, things that make it what it is.  It’s important to understand and apply these characteristics to your golf swing, because the more your motion adheres to the characteristics, the longer, straighter, and more consistent your ball flight will be.

The Characteristics of a Swinging Motion

A swing is defined as a backward and forward motion, or a to and fro movement.  It’s a circular motion that has the following characteristics:

  • A swinging motion has a center
  • A swinging motion moves back and forth, uninterrupted
  • A swinging motion speeds up and slows down at a constant rate
Rich Google image to guide golfers into understanding that a golf swing is learned by first understanding what a swing is.
Using GEARS Golf, this golfer is viewing and applying the swing characteristics to his golf swing.

Apply the Characteristics to Your Golf Swing

Staying Centered: 

When a golfer maintains their center during the swing, their consistency improves dramatically, particularly with contact.  The reason is the low-point of the swing will remain fixed if the center doesn’t move.  In a golf swing, when you are balanced, you are centered.  Practice maintaining your balance throughout the swing to promote better contact.

Swinging Uninterrupted:

Once you swing the club back, over your shoulder, your only task is to take the club directly to the other side.  The benefits of applying this movement are immense.  For one, you will maximize your speed, which equals longer shots.  Secondly, the clubface variability will go down, creating a more consistent ball flight direction.  

Allowing the club to speed up and slow down at an even rate:

Many golfers apply the logic that if they add a burst of power near the ball, they will hit longer shots.  Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.  The fastest point of a swing is its midway point of the arc.  In a golf swing, this is out in front of the golfer, on the target side of the swing.  When you let the motion speed up on its own, without trying to add power inside of the arc, your speed will increase and you’ll use less effort.

Learning what defines a swing is the first step to learning how to correctly make a golf swing.
Practice maintaining your balance throughout the swing to promote better contact.


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