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We're golfers who set out to teach, grow, and share our passion for golf.

our story

It started
with passion and a vision.

Aaron Bergman has a passion for two things: teaching and golf. His career as a professional golf instructor has taken him all around the world, and now to Austin, Texas, to realize a vision for a better, more effective golf instruction experience called Golfinity. Aaron has blended his two passions into a one-of-a-kind golfing experience that’s changing the face of the game for the better— and forever.

our purpose

To help every player increase skills, enjoyment, and community around the game of golf.

Our Values

Inspire All

Grow, Every Day

Be Soulful

Inspire All

We are your personal cheerleader. We believe in people and all the things they are capable of doing.

Grow, Every Day

We are your personal coach. We provide clear, simple steps for improvement and celebrate each one, great and small.

Be Soulful

We are lighters of embers. Through our true passion for golf and our relentless quest to see others succeed, we spark fires in the people around us that light their golf journey for years to come.

Meet the Founder

Aaron Bergman

Aaron Bergman, proud father of two, award-winning PGA member, and co-founder of Golfinity, spent countless hours as a student studying under PGA Hall of Fame instructor Manuel de la Torre, shaping his own approach to teaching golf. Aaron has since traveled to nine countries as a golf instructor, helping golfers of all skill levels along the way, from the monarchy of Bhutan to hosting a golf television show in Thailand. In Nepal, his student, Shiva Ram Shrestha, became the first Nepalese Professional to win on the Indian Tour and compete on the Asian Tour. In 2010 Aaron came to Austin to co-found Golf in Schools, an after-school program for elementary-aged students. What started in five schools in Austin grew to over 85 schools in Central Texas, and today, over 2,000 students participate in a Golf in Schools program each year. Using golf as a vehicle to share valuable life lessons, Aaron believes golf has the power to transcend culture and class, and that it is a great tool to connect people with one another. That is why he founded Golfinity, to bring people together and improve the lives of others through the game of golf.


If we’re going to change the game, we can’t do it alone.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Troon, the world leader in golf course management, to ensure we’re delivering the best and most effective golf experience possible. Combined with Troon’s expertise, our vision for a new chapter in golf’s story is taking shape—and changing the way the game is played.

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