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3 Tips For Using V1 Sports to Improve Your Golf Swing

Use V1 Sports at Golfinity to Improve Your Swing

As a Golfinity member, you have access to the best technology in the industry. One system that you will want to take full advantage of is the V1 Sports Pressure Mat and V1 Pro Golf Swing Analyzer.

What is V1 Sports?

Golfinity uses the V1 Pressure Mat to measure pressure, velocity, and dynamic force throughout the golf swing. Paired with the V1 Pro, you can get a real-time video analysis of your swing. This is a great tool to use with your coach or on your own. To help you get started with your V1 Sports practice session, Golfinity Coach Cody Van Damme, PGA, gives us 3 tips to improve your golf swing with V1 technology.

Improve Your Swing with These Three V1 Sports Tips.

1. Check to See if Your Swing is Starting on Plane
  • During your setup, draw a line up your club shaft (from the clubhead to the grip)
  • Pause the video when the club shaft is parallel to the ground. Check to see if your hands and clubhead are in line. 
  • Bonus Tip: Check to see if the clubface is square.  (Toe-up or matching your spine angle)
2. Am I Swaying or am I Centered?
  • During setup, draw a line running up your trail leg.
  • Pause the video at the top of your swing and see if your leg/knee goes outside of that line. If it does, you are most likely swaying or moving off the ball.
  • Staying centered will help ensure consistent contact.
  • Bonus Tip: If you struggle with swaying, it is OKAY if your trail leg straightens to help you stay centered.
3. Where is the club in the downswing?
  • Draw a line along the club shaft once it is heading towards the ball. The line/club shaft should be running through the trail forearm or close to perpendicular to the spine. (As shown above)
  • Many slicers and players who pull the ball have the club steep in the downswing running between the arms. 
  • Another checkpoint is when the club is parallel to the ground. You are swinging to the target if the clubhead is in line with the hands. Slicers/faders of the club will be outside of the hands. Drawers of the golf ball will have the club inside the hands (As shown above)

Cody Van Damme, PGA


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